Payment Schedule

  • Current Payment
    • Setup Fee: $1250
  • Future Monthly Payment
    • Monthly Fee:  $399

Your monthly SEO Plan will start on the following month after your keyword reaches the 2nd page of Google.


You can cancel the plan anytime, but there will be no refund.

Once your keyword is ranked on the second page of Google, we will start the subscription of your SEO plan.

E.g If you sign up on the 5th of Jan and your keyword is ranked on the 2nd page of Google on the 7th of April, we will start your SEO plan subscription on 5th May.

There is no minimum subscription period, although we strongly recommend to sign up for at least 6 months to see significant results.

We do not guarantee any results and only guarantee our efforts. SEO is very dependable on Google’s algorithms and we are not Google.